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Bronze courses in The Art workshop dujo

  • You can get a course when it suits you
  • We focus on the creative aspects of bronzecasting process
  • You work side by side with the artist couple Søren and Agnethe Dujo
  • We take from 1 to 3 students on a team, that allows us to help and guide you during the whole course.
  • We teach you theoretically in bronze casting. The depth of the theory depends on your interest and needs
  • If you have not tried modeling in wax or clay before, we will certainly help you out thus you get a sculpture you will be happy with.
  • The  Artworkshop dujo is located in scenic and beautiful surroundings, close to the North Sea and huge nature reserves
  • There are many accommodations nearby

    The basic course takes you through the process to manufacture a lost wax
    bronze sculpture.

    Course consists of an artistic part and a craft part.

    The 1 day of the course.
    You start with the art. You will produce your art work in wax. You will properly find that wax is a wonderful material to work with. It does not dry. It is self-sustainable. It is easy to cut the wax or to add more wax to the sculpture. Most students come to love wax as a modeling material. Very often students stays into the late evening because it's fun to refine the sculpture. You should preferably be done with your sculpture the first day of the course.

    Second day of the course
    Your finished wax sculpture must be made ready for casting. Together with
    the teacher you will discus how the bronze must enter the sculpture and the air and
    gases must be let out. You will now prepare your sculpture accordingly. When the sculpture is fitted with the necessary  in and outlets you will built a mold around it. When the mould are ready you will melt as much of the wax out of the mould as possible. Then the mold is ready to get in the oven for drying and burning the remaining of the wax out. At that time is second day of the course has  ended. We try to be finished already at 14:00 to get the longest possible drying time for the molds. You can make a tourist afternoon in the area or relax  as you now feel like.


    Third day of the course
    This is the casting and finishing day. The teacher start to melt the bronze in the oven about 7 in the morning, thus we are ready to cast approximately at 9.00. Depending on your interest in ovens etc. you will start your dag accordingly, but not later than approximately Half an hour before the casting. (Decided the day before).
    The casting is carried out - it is very hot and very beautiful. After the casting it is time for coffee / tea while the bronze cools down thus we can get to the molds.
    After approximately 1 hour we will break the mold and you meet your bronze sculpture for the first time - it is most exciting. Your sculpture has now bronze air tubes and casting tubes (we made yesterday in wax to help the casting process.. Furthermore  the bronze sculpture will still carry parts of the mould. All these must be removed now
    Here comes the electrical machinery to work Bronze ducts are cut away and
    the sculpture is cleaned of casting shell and mould pieces. Then the bronze sculpture is polished. This work is fun and you will get excited to see how the sculpture turns from a cast to at shining, lively sculpture..

    Finally, your sculpture - perhaps - will be patinated. (To produce an artificial colored rust)

    These is the end af the basis casting course.



    There can be no more than 3 students at a particular course, but we carry out a course for as little as 2 persosn. Call for an appointment.

    A course is scheduled to 10:00 to 16:00, but as you can see above the length of the day vary accordingly to what is practically feasible.

    On the 3 days course you should expect to create and cast one sculpture.

    One day course costs kr. 800, - thus at basic 3 days course cost kr. 2400,-. You get coffee, tea and cake as well as access to all necessary tools and materials (plaster - wax). You will bring your own food. The completed Bronze sculpture is paid by weight kr. 600, - per kg. (covers wear on tools and all materials)

    The course covers the Cirre perdue (lost wax) technique. Other techniques will be discussed, but not implemented.

    Check our calendar for any established courses. Remember you can always create your own course by calling / emailing / sms's for arrangements.