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I can easily spend a lot of time digging the garden.



-  true art is for the benefit of the creator and a blessing to others. -


Søren Dujo Løvstrøm (1948)

The multi artist Søren Dujo works with bronze sculptures, painting and watercolors. The bronze sculptures are molded by the cire perdue method (see below).Søren's sculptures are mostly human beings, which emphasizes the beauty, joy, small stories of life, and a reasonable correct representation of the human body.Søren has lived by his art since 2007 and has his own workshop, foundry and a very small gallery (primarily as a place for his and his wifes own art that is on its way to galleries or exibitions).

I (Søren) try to create beautiful art that contains a story. My basic attitude is expressed in:

- It does not matter what form your creativity takes - it can be to paint or sing, to create a garden or a meal, it is important to be open to what wants to be expressed through you. Remember that we do not own our creations; they do not belong to us. True creativity occurs through a union with the divine, the mysterious and the unknown. Thus it is for the benefit of the creator and a blessing to others. -